Before, After and the Crown

A few days ago I blipped the grotty, dirty, sun damaged, sticker peeling, Tiny Tike play car.
Today it's there again as the 'Before' photo, on the right is the 'After' photo and above is the Princess's crown. This was, originally, a 30th anniversary of Tiny Tikes push along car, a special edition of Princess car.
It was in a bit of a state and I didn't really intend to take it apart but when we saw the screws, only 6 of them, we set too and dismantled the crown, roof, pink posts and rear white posts. The door came off when th front posts were removed. All stickers removed using a hairdryer on HOT to soften the adhesive, rubbed over with white spirit to remove any of the remaining adhesive, sugar-soap and then cream cleanser which is a little more abrasive.
Bleach poured into the various holes to get rid of the black mould that was inside the bits, 
This morning rinsed it all out and left it to dry, luckily it's been a really lovely day for March, and then re-assembled it this afternoon. 
I sprayed the crown with shiny gold paint and Marlane tarted it up with the bits you can see on it. She's got lots of 'craft making' stuff under the stairs including stickers, sticky jewels, etc.
All ready for Ruby and Eric tomorrow morning.
Marlane is now working on sourcing eyes and mouth for the front of it.

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