By iaint

Then & Now

Voodoo doll day. 

I have now been upgraded to 11 needles. 5 in my scalp and 6 in or around my shoulder/arm. 

Yes, I am still getting a buzz from the laid back and relaxed feeling afterwards. This was my 3rd session, and she tells me it is after 3 or 4 sessions I will see an improvement in my shoulder if acupuncture is going to work. 

Cassettes have been in the news recently following the death of their inventor. I was reminded by Blipper Jon ’s post today. 

I have a drawer. A 1980s drawer. It stays firmly closed. Some of the memories in there are just too much even 35 years later. The kryptonite drawer.  

I opened it this afternoon. Was that wise?

See, I'm not so assured
Nor unusually strong or outstandingly brave
I'm more just fumbling around in the dark for the bulk of my day

It is interesting to think back to what I listened to then, and what I choose now. Then there’s the whole thought of the media we use now compared with then. I remember my first Walkman - maybe 1988?


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