Yes, Monday means back to the Work-from-Home! routine. 

It was a slightly strange day none the less. In the morning I was involved with another of Parliament HR's wellbeing webinars. Whatever one gets from these things, it is good to know they recognise the problems we have faced in the last 12 months. 

Then in the afternoon, I got the first move in Parliament HR's procedure to make me redundant if the Boss is not re-elected in May. It is not just me, obviously. Every MSP staffer is in the same position. 

While I was having my coffee just after dawn the sun shone in the living room window. This only happens for a short spell in March, and once the trees are in leaf or the sun's trajectory changes, it is gone.

A Blip for posterity. Will I be in this house to see it in 2022? 

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