Murphy’s Law

By laurie54


This is the Sunday blip I promised when in my mono Monday post.

I have finally started to focus more on my backyard hummingbirds.  This is my first of Zippy this year.  I doubt this is the original Zippy since a Costa's hummingbird's life expectancy is a maximum of six years.  My first sighting (and BLIP) of my feathered friend was 16 September 2012.  That would make him a minimum of 8.5 years old.  The original Zipster was also a friendly bloke.  I used to get a few close ups of him because he would visit me on the patio. This could be his son or grandson! 

I have just over 8 blip pages of him but there are probably others (tags used to allow for punctuation).  Some photos are much better than others. Costa's hummingbirds are difficult to photograph because they rarely flutter for very long, if at all.  They like to fly in and fly out.  That first blip above explains how he got his name.

I  ❤️ Zippy!

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