Felt a bit better today so I had a wander to the village via the park.  The Wide Wednesday theme  is " Framing " and I had a frame in mind for my blip shot.  However before I reached my original " target " I noticed the view through the goalposts and changed my mind. ( I have added my original idea as an Extra.  I like this view but I have blipped it before ) Thanks to rsdphotography for hosting.

Musical link Moving The GOALPOSTS - by Billy Bragg

On my way home through the allotments I met my neighbour Ed who was out there throwing a ball for his dog.  We had a nice chat - mainly about our footie team Newcastle United. Later when I was in the front garden I had a long chat with another neighbour Deb.  Great to actually speak to real people and without wearing a face mask.

Weather today was fine but colder than I thought it would be.  Didn't take my gloves - but wished I had.

Steps today - 7,696

CORONA CLASSIC - The Golden Age - Shostakovich

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