By davidc

Abstract Thursday: Repetition

Ingeborg has suggested "Repetition" as the theme for today's AT blips.

We had a walk through Jesmond Dene this morning and I took some long(ish) exposure photos of the waterfall. This is a 1/3 second shot with a tight crop onto some of the repetitive patterns in the falling water (cropped from 20 megapixels down to 1.8 megapixels). The only processing was to the brightness and clarity along with a saturation boost which brought out the colour of the moss on the stone (also quite repetitive) behind the water. So not one of my usual heavily fartnarkled abstracts!

PS Yesterday's mystery sculpture was an owl!

I have to correct my "answer" given above to Wednesday's mystery blip. It seems I was given the wrong information about the sculpture by the ladies I chatted to there, although they seemed certain of what they said. Brilliant blippers Dollydoug and evolybab did some Googling and discovered that it's not meant to be an owl at all! It's entitled "Hare's Hips" - so it IS a pelvis!! The link they found is here. My apologies for giving the wrong answer!

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