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By walkingMarj

A coat (and hat) of many colours

I made it! You can see the small length of wool left over after I knitted the hat. This random wool is good for baby garments because stripes appear. There are places where the stripes are not perfect. This reminds me of the beautiful woven baskets I bought by the roadside to Maun in Botswana. The patterns appear to be symmetrical, but every one has a place where the pattern is not adhered to. It's a tradition and an interesting one.

I've been working today on some images to be submitted to an RPS blog. It is based on our Covid book. The images will be online. The organiser wants images of 1000 pix on the longest side at 300dpi (or as little as 72dpi), but they have to be 4 -5 mb large. This has completely confused me and I think I understand about resolution and sizing. Why need to have such large images for the web? Why the high resolution. If anyone can tell me how to make these 4 - 5 mb, I will be very glad.

I did email to ask - our first submission was rejected because of image sizes. After two short emails that did not address the question, I received one that said "I cannot enter into a prolonged correspondence about this." So there you go!!

This afternoon I took Mum for her second Covid jab. The nurse offered to give me mine too. My appointment was for tomorrow morning. This time we did not have a long wait: we walked straight in. Magic. Mum has a sore arm and I'm OK so far.

Tonight the lovely Doug Chinnery spoke at the Hexham Photo Group. It was good to see him and hear what he had to say about his fine art prints. 100 people had booked - that was the Zoom limit. Most people were from the UK but the USA and New Zealand were represented too.

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