By Marionb

The Changing of the Colours

Now that spring was officially here, it was time to change the quilt -  not on the bed, but on the living room wall. I have made so many quilts that I don't know where to put them, so I hang them on the wall. But I don't have enough walls. So I do the museum thing and rotate my exhibits! It was time to take down "Caribbean Colours", the one that has been cheering me up for the last drab, dreary, and colourless month of winter and honour the arrival of spring with my green and flowery one. This was a stay-at-home day for me, mostly to catch up on my book club reading, so I wasn't out taking photos as usual. I had intended to use my tulips for a blip again today, but, alas, they were starting to droop badly and they really needed something in a supporting role to punch up their performance. Hmmm..the quilt? Could they work together? Worth a try. 
(For the actual quilt, see the "extra")

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