Happy Navruz

The Navruz holiday marks the beginning of spring. For many cultures this is when the new year starts, so maybe this is when 2020 can get lost.

Remembering the advice I got last week, that the news would come and to enjoy the weekend, I ran away from home back to Conowingo Dam. While driving there I remembered that we used to have elevator operators - because we did not want to get in a moving box that didn't have someone in charge. Even decades later, once we created user-operated elevators, many places kept the elevator operators at least until they retired. 

I know when you would want your car to drive itself - when you are high up on top of a dam and there are EAGLES FLYING NEXT TO YOU but you can't take a picture because you're DRIVING. 

The dam had so many eagles it was hard to believe. Eagles, a cormorant, an osprey, and <drum roll> so many vultures. Plus the moon was out. 

The grandson of the 75 year old woman who beat the piss out of her attacker created a go-fund-me to help with her medical bills. Over $660,000 has been donated to her. Over $1.4 M has been raised for the sons of one of the Atlanta shooting victims who now have no other relatives in the country. There is some love in the world. 

We just finished the final episode of the final season of Broadchurch. The visuals in this show were stunning. The third season was difficult. I imagine it sparked a lot of conversations when it was showing. The rape and murder of Sarah Everard by a police officer of all men is also painful. One option would be to start passing laws that don't allow men out after a set hour.  I suppose it could be negotiated down to men not being allowed out after 9 pm unless accompanied by a female chaperone. [Idea is not original to me.]

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