way too nice a day for working

The temperature was perfect.
The sun was perfect. 
The humidity was perfect.
There are no mosquitos yet.
If it weren't for that employment thing!

I have so many green things growing in my garden and, unless it is in Kate's mapped-out design, I don't know what they are. It is very exciting, like a long-form Easter Egg hunt. 

The picture is me showing the rabbit that the internet clearly states that rabbits do not eat heucheras. The rabbit told me not to believe everything I read on the internet. Boy do I feel foolish. 

But the joke is on the rabbit because this was the one and only heuchera not covered up and now it is, as is every single green thing that appears to have been nibbled! 

The extra is Leo, desperate for Samuel to play with him, which he did. 

Black beans are boring. Red pepper flakes help with that, as does sufficient cheese. 

The US has secretly been collecting Soviet air defense systems. We're giving them to Ukraine. No I'm not making this up, it is in the WSJ. The Ukrainians are familiar with the systems because they inherited this type of equipment. 

You heard about the new Ukrainian stamp? The one that commemorates a Ukrainian soldier saying: "Russian Warship, Go Fuck Yourself." IT IS TRUE! It hasn't been issued, you can't buy it yet. 

Right-wing politicians all over the world are downplaying their links to Putin. "The war has energised the centrist parties with which they compete, and revived enthusiasm for liberal internationalism and the EU." (Economist)

Tens of thousands of young Russians and Belarusians have fled to Georgia because they dislike and fear Putin and Belarusian's Alexander Lukashenko. They don't want to be drafted. Meanwhile, Georgia is thrilled to be boosting its IT industry. 

Ukrainian women have been serving in combat a century longer than American women. The Ukrainian military has been inundated with volunteers, male and female. 

Greece's prime minister tweeted that Greece will rebuild the maternity hospital in Mariupol. There are 120,000 ethnic Greeks in Mariupol and the surrounding area. 

Schwarzenegger's video? Schwarzenegger is very popular in Russia. Schwarzenegger worked with communications specialists to craft a message that would be effective. 

David Beckham handed over control of his Instagram account to a doctor in Ukraine. This gave her access to 71.5 million followers. Beckham then asked his followers to donate to her hospital. 

The US Treasury Department is offering rewards of up to $5 million for information about Russian elites' yachts, mansions, and private jets. 

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