Silly Saturday ...

... Jacobsburg wood frogs.

What an incredibly fun day we had!!!

We talked about going to several locations today including the zoo ... but we settled on Jacobsburg State Park as it's been a while since we have been able to walk the Sobers Run trail.  And I wanted to check on the frogs in the frog pond near the environmental center.  These frogs haven't surfaced yet but that doesn't mean none have. 

Richard was all for this idea as he had just read and seen on Facebook a video put out by Jacobsburg about the wood frogs in the vernal pools. The trail to one of these vernal pools is nearby the Sobers Run trail so we were semi familiar with it.  It ended up to be a longer walk (and more strenuous) than we anticipated but it was soooo worth it!

Finding the vernal pool was easy as all you had to do was follow the sound of the "peepers" as the wood frogs are called.  Getting to the vernal pool wasn't so easy as it's off the trail a little bit and full of brambles. 

Once we got back to the vernal pool we had such a great time sitting there watching and listening to all the frogs.  And as we sat more and more frogs came from the surrounding forest to join the party at the pool!  That was crazy cool to see! We spent at least 45 minutes there just enjoying everything around us. What fun!

My main picture was taken as I lay almost flat on the ground looking eye to eye with this beautiful wood frog.  I've added an extra collage of some of the other frogs enjoying this gorgeous Spring day. 

Happy Spring!!

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