I Witness

By KangaZu

Squirrel Blip Friday ....

... Squirrel and friends.

Today was absolutely gorgeous!!! And as I result I wasted spent lots of time outside!  My camera came with an app call SnapBridge that I've downloaded to my smartphone that acts as a remote shutter release.  Before the warm weather months start I wanted to experiment with the app so that I might use it more often for bird and other wildlife photography.

The app is awesome in the fact that not only can you use it as a shutter release but you can also control the focus points.  I first set the camera out on the tripod in the backyard on the deck ... and then went inside to wait on a bird or squirrel.  The squirrel picture was taken remotely but the Carolina wren wasn't.  The wren came to the deck whilst I was still out there and I was able to get several shots of him/her before going in the house. 

After getting some squirrel pictures I took my camera out front and set it up facing the front porch.  I set out some peanuts and then sat where I could see if the chipmunk would come out.  The picture I posted to my SquirrelsEtc journal was taken remotely.  The chipmunk picture in my collage was taken after I moved to a different location under the birch tree.  

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring!  YAY!

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