Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Pulmonaria officinalis

I have had another day of not going out much as we're trying to get our ducks in a row incase we really do get offered this rescue dog.  Which means contacting Simon with pictures of the lower piece of garden fence which needs raising, info on the kind of trellis we need to top it and asking a very kind friend to help with the tech problems of doing a virtual tour of our house and garden for the charity bringing the dog over from Romania.  They want to know our premises are suitable!

The only time I went down the road was to get this piece of pulmonaria, which is growing in a hedgerow (belonging to one of our City Councillors - oops!)  It is a reminder that on Sunday (28th) WildflowerWeek 2021 will be starting.  I'm copying below the original post I put in Blip's Challenges section a couple of weeks ago.  And I'll put another one in tomorrow or Saturday..

Have a lovely evening, peeps  xx

The WildflowerWeek challenge will be restarting at the end of March.  As always, each challenge gives you a week to get your entries in, so for the first one you can post them any day between Sunday 28th March until midnight on Saturday 3rd April.  The first week's tag will be WildflowerWeek21_01, the next WildflowerWeek21_02, etc.
The idea is to have fun.  You don't have to know what the flower you've blipped is called, other blippers can usually help with identification if you want to know.  And you don't need to worry whether you're looking at a 'wildflower' or a 'weed'.  Although gardeners may make a distinction, in fact there isn't one - they are all wildflowers.
I'm already excited to see what we'll all come up with ;))

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