Murphy’s Law

By laurie54


The carpet is installed and I'm exhausted.  I was so tired last night that I didn't bother to make up the bed - slept on the mattress with a throw blanket.

In my daily list, at the very top, I have written, "Relax, everything doesn't have to be 'fixed' at once."  So, today I slept in, went out to lunch, did one load of laundry and made the bed. The only things I brought in from the garage where the sofa throw pillows, two lamps and my two Ansel Adams prints for the living room wall.  I wanted to make the bedroom and living room the most comfortable since most of my time is spent there.  Doesn't mean both rooms are done.

Last night the only things I accomplished before dozing off were to hook up the internet and television. For some weird reason, the DirecTV remote stopped working so I'm waiting for a new one.  I have the Samsung TV remote which works for some things.  No biggie.

I blipped the workers at the Mountain View Café.  The owner is finally putting in an outdoor eating area and there's a lot to be done. I was taking the photos from my car and the foreman kept giving me dirty looks every time he walked by.  I finally told him I was just calibrating my camera.  The workers never noticed me.

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