By carliewired

Vantage Point

Beside the river
views are greening up and the
activities grow

~ carliewired 

The weatherman had promised a storm today. However, sun appeared mid morning so I took my chance to get out with my camera. 

I had decided earlier that I'd drive to Vantage Point, a little park on the Rivers Trail near the airport. It has the dock for the float planes there on the Thompson River. It gives a great view east to the city and my favourite mountains. 

Today, there was lots of foot traffic along the trail. Many were walking dogs and pushing strollers. I spotted my first fisherman for the year. He set himself up on the dock with his rod and folding chair. 

I went a little further west on the Rivers Trail and found a path that branched off the trail and onto the river further on. I watched the Canada geese along the river's edge. They were keeping close to the edge of the river which gave them some protection from the gusting wind. 

I found the biggest clumps of horsetail I have ever seen along the path. They were more than 3 feet high. I think they must have roots down to the river because they would like a damper climate than we have.

I pinned my quilted heart to the corner post of the bench cover just as the wind started gusting. It blew sand off the hills and riverbed like a haboob. I knew it was time to head home. 

Now, this afternoon, the sky has darkened and light snow is falling. We've gone backwards from spring to winter in just this one day. Thankfully, the snow is melting as it falls. I'm hoping for a much better day tomorrow. 

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