By carliewired

Beside the South Thompson River

It was just a short
walk on a sunny day with
a brisk, chilly wind

~ carliewired

The wind whistled around the house all night sending my security cameras into a tizzy. There were 50+ clips to delete, each showing nothing but flapping branches. Sunrise was grey with some colourful streaks. Snow had arrived on my mountains with the line ending about two-thirds from the top. 

I had planned to be out getting groceries early but the temperatures discouraged me. It can wait! 

At noon the sky was blue and the sun was shining but the temperature wasn't much above freezing. I bundled up and headed across the bridge for the public parking area on River Street. I wanted to walk the portion of the Rivers Trail between River Street and Lorne Street. 

This piece of the Rivers Trail gives some views of the South Thompson River and winds around the north side of some new condominiums. One cheeky squirrel showed up. I assumed he wanted a handout. I saw my first robins of the season. No females, just the males. They seemed to be scouring the grassy patches for food. I found a Northern flicker also digging in the grass. He must have been finding something good because he was digging furiously with his beak. 

As I was trying to choose a place to release my quilted heart, I discovered a lovely angel dangling from a branch. I pinned my heart a few feet away along the walking path. 

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