By dunkyc

Eff All

In the toned down words of Micky Flanagan, I have done “proper eff all” today.

In some respects it is a shame as I was meant to have a wander with Simmo, but with the weather being utterly shocking, that idea was abandoned in exchange for a pre-Easter/Birthday exchange of gifts.

Following this minor exertion, I went back to bed and watched comfort TV (Community is just as cool, coolcoolcool on repeated viewing, Independence Day: Resurgence is just as bad). Bacon sandwiches, biscuits and tea have all been consumed from the comfort of my own bed and I even found a moment to spend some time with the latest Jack Reacher.

I remembered that the children were back with me tomorrow and that there was some packing to be done, which would be a nightmare with them here, so I got that sorted and realised as I was moving around that I still wasn’t feeling any side-effects to yesterday’s vaccination, fingers crossed I have gotten away with it.

Didn’t even have to cook, as I went for a Chinese instead. I’m on my holidays (sort of), I might as well act like it.

Hope you’ve all had a good one too!

Stay healthy.

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