Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Immigrant's Tale

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything from my husband's uncle, his namesake, my MIL's beloved older brother.  He was tragically killed in a training accident in WWII and hundreds of letters along with his personal effects from the Army were packed away in boxes, untouched for years.  His death left such an indelible scar on the family that no one from that generation could bring themselves to open the boxes.  My husband undertook a labor of love in unpacking all the memories; reading and scanning over 800 letters to/from his uncle late last year.  And he set aside some small things like these keys.  There is an old padlock that these keys go with - we have that, too, and it will be blipped one day.  

These keys are coated in fine rust and kept on a rusted old safety pin.  They are at least 80 years old, possibly older.  I think they fit the "derelict" theme for DS this week, so am tagging this image. (Thanks to Marlieske for keeping the challenge going!)   And if you want to see a little background on Uncle, you can click on the "immigrantstale" below.  There are now 4 entries tagged.  

I went to the gym today after not going for over a week.  I picked the right time as there were only a few people in the large weight room and I was able to workout in peace.  I know it may seem silly to some that I am still so nervous to be around other people even being fully vaccinated, but I am.  And since I have flexibility on when I can go do my workout, it just makes sense to do it when I know it won't be crowded.

It's another super windy day.  Hubs was out cutting back some more of the invasive stuff next to my pollinator garden this morning and I think I will go out and try to apply some "killer stuff" to the cut ends if the wind dies back a little later this afternoon.  I don't want to take a chance of that stuff blowing anywhere else in the garden!  

Thanks for stopping by.  Be safe.  Be Kind.  And I'm still kind of like the dark with orange...


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