An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Sunday Santa Socks...

Backblipped 29.03.21

Alan rarely looks at the camera these days so I was really happy when he agreed to look at my phone camera and give me a proper smile.  Unfortunately just as he did, his support worker Ashleigh arrived and his attention was diverted.  Game was a bogey after that.  I did laugh at his choice of socks though. Apparently he insisted on this pair and some rummaging in his sock drawer had to be done before they were found.  Well there are only 272 sleeps.  It's good to be organised ;-))

I spent the bulk of the day getting on with painting Ann's Chookie Birdie.  It's almost finished, just last minute additions to make it all the more personal to her.  I am at that stage where I think it's not as good as I hoped it would be, but I keep reminding myself it's not finished, so should stop being so self critical.  

Spent a chunk of the evening crocheting my blanket.  I am on the border now but it seems to be taking forever!  

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