An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

First cut is the...

sweetest ;-)))

So, after months of restrictions, Lola was the first of us to get her lockdown locks chopped off.  Look at her tidy feet. No longer like a Yeti.  That makes me very happy :-))

Her Auntie Carole (Lola's breeder and our friend) arrived at 10am and whisked her out to give her a well overdue hair, nails and tail cut.  Thankfully the weather was dry and mild.

Lola was SO excited to see Carole and wanted to play rather than sit still to be trimmed.  A few treats and a bit of a wrestling match and she was done.  What a difference!  So good to see her all neat and tidy again.

We were also excited to see Carole.   We had a socially distanced catch up over a cuppa and bacon rolls and David put some biscuits on a serving plate which made him laugh as he couldn't remember the last time he'd done that!  It's the simple things.  Also gave Carole her Christmas and Birthday pressie away with her!  lol

When Carole left David headed to off to play his first round of golf of the year with Jimmy (husband of Gill and owner of Alan's pal Boycie) and returned full of the joys as he'd played well.  

I did a little more work on Ann's Chookie Birdie.  Tomorrow afternoon should see it completed.  I also spent a little while playing with Brusho paint powders.  I haven't played with them very much as I find them completely uncontrollable but today I had lots of fun with them.  I'd forgotten that unlike watercolour paint, which dries lighter, Brusho keeps it's vibrancy, so I was a little heavy handed and the base layers are much darker than they should be but I love the colours and will attempt to create something from the chaos.

Watched some of the Scottish Election leaders debate on the BBC.  OMG!  What an insufferable git Douglas Ross is!  And he's still an MP!  If he is serious about standing as an MSP candidate in the Scottish election in May, he needs to stand down as an MP now to avoid a dual mandate and unnecessary increased costs to the tax payer.   

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