Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Mr Villain

And #13 in my yard birds blip list for the year, a male Brown-headed Cowbird.  Reviled by many birders because they are brood parasites, meaning that the female lays a single egg in the nest of a smaller bird, leaving the brooding and parenting job to another.  Often, the host birds' own young suffer and even perish because the nestling cowbird is bigger and more demanding.  And female cowbirds will lay 25 or more eggs in a season - so you can kind of understand why they are disliked by so many people.  

As for me, I don't really blame them for doing what comes naturally to them.  And I find them attractive birds, even if they are a bit furtive and sneaky.  Today while I was in the hide, two males and a single female showed up.  The males immediately set about trying to impress the female while also intimidating the rival male.  Yes, hard to believe, but this is intimidating.  No, really...  I'll put the same male in Extra so you can see how he looks when he isn't being intimidating or sexy or whatever.

I hit the gym today - timing it perfectly as there were only two other people there while I was working out.  

Talked to radiology department at the hospital and gave them all the info they need to proceed with my procedure tomorrow.  It should take a little under two hours and they said Hubs will be able to wait in the radiology department, so that's good.  The not-so-good news is that they said it usually takes 5 business days for results.  So that means middle of next week.  Yuck.  More waiting.

Must confess that I'm a little anxious now - want to get this done and get one with more fun things.

Stay safe.  Be kind.  I'm back to dark with orange essence for today's chocolate.


Summary of the month...
March 4 - routine mammogram
March 5 - something irregular so scheduling second mammogram and ultrasound
March 12 - second mammo and utrasound
March 15 - primary care doctor referred me to breast surgeon to look at imaging
March 25 - met with surgeon and scheduled stereotactic biopsy for next week

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