By dfb24

Rainbow Sherbet...

I had to make a quick trip downtown today, so took my camera along and stopped by the lagoon to take a photo for AT.....these are paddle boards, all lined up and waiting for some warm weather--who knows when that will be. It was 25 degrees F (-3.8 C) this morning & the temperature hasn't climbed a whole lot since then. The colors on the paddle boards reminded me of rainbow sherbet. Tom stayed on the couch while I was gone and promised not to get up until I was back. He's getting a little better each day. He's still using the oxygen, but when he walks I don't need to turn it up as much as I did before--he still gets short of breath, but not as bad as he had been. The doctor changed his lab draws to just twice a week so that's one less trip we'll have to make. The calendar is full of dr. visits, lab draws, home health nurse visits, etc. It's a good thing I'm organized so I can keep track of everything.....at least so far! Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting AbstractThursdays & thanks for all the stars and hearts on my previous blips....I appreciate them all very much. :)

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