A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Easter bunny!

Bought these Easter bunny crumpets the other day and decided to have one for my breakfast, thought they looked good on my hare plate and suitable for Silly Saturday.

Another bright afternoon after a dull morning but definitely not really warm which is why I thought a paddling pool was a little silly in someone’s garden. The Easter bunny representations of children’s books are part of a fund raising Easter trail around the village. I’m sure you’ll guess the books in the two in the extra. Great idea and fun for the searchers.

Got some washing done and dry. The Pieris is full of flower, unlike last year, and as I put out the washing I could hear the buzz of lots of bees, they seem to love it.

Thank you to pipersmom for continuing silly Saturday and to Admirer for getting us to look for something cheery to raise a smile every month.

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