An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

More art therapy...

When the alarm went off at 7am I woke up rather dazed and confused because I didn't remember getting up in the night for my usual trips to powder my nose.  Turns out I'd slept right through from setting the alarm to it going off!  Second time this year!  Woo hoo!

David was playing golf with two friends this morning so Lola and I had breakfast together.  I was happy to discover the lupins have not been dug up, just cut down, so that cheered me up!  Unlikely they will flower this year though. 

Had another hour with my paints. This time some loose poppies.   Refilled a few of my watercolour pans from the paint tubes.  Even though I was very careful, I somehow managed to get paint in my hair, on my face and my elbow!  I am not a tidy painter!

Two deliveries arrived for me this afternoon.  One, my new lot of yarn, which I am delighted with.  Beautiful, rich autumnal colours.  Can't wait to work with it but I refuse to start anything till my other two blankets are finished. 

Second delivery wasn't quite so successful.  I'd ordered two nail polishes and face powder from a beauty retailer.  Opened the box to discover one of the bottles of nail polish was smashed and the contents everywhere.  Sigh.  Email sent to retailer.

Rushed dinner as had my online RPS Creativity Workshop from 6.30pm - 8.30pm.  Two left to do.  I'll miss them when they stop as I've really enjoyed them.

Now uploading this before having to rush and get my Tesco online order done before time runs out.  Where does the time go?!

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