An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A little paint job...

Ever since lockdown I have been experiencing very vivid dreams.  I am prone to having vivid dreams but only occasionally remember them.  

These days, almost every morning when I wake up, I am in the middle of one.  Up until now every single one of them has involved hotels.  I'm usually staying in the hotel but don't know the reason why, and I'm usually running frantically up and down corridors trying to find my room.   Things look familiar but I still can't find my way around.  I suppose it's not hard to guess the psychology behind it.

This morning's dream was different.  No hotel (or maybe I just woke up later in the dream and had passed the hotel bit :-) but me parking my car on a hill, getting out and just as I closed the driver's door, the car starts rolling backwards down the hill.  I grab the door handle and the wing mirror and try my best and although I manage to slow the car down, I can't stop it rolling backwards.  David and another person (a stranger) were here and I was shouting to them to help, but they didn't other than to shout instructions about pushing it towards the pavement to try and stop it.   All very odd and a bit of a discombobulating start to the day! 

Our house is now three weeks into lockdown (we started slightly earlier here) and I suppose we have gotten into a new routine.  Actually it's the same routine really, just missing the going out/socialising bit.  

I made some Easter cards to send to my Auntie Maisie down south, Kenny's mum Ishbe,l and John and Norma.  After lunch David popped out to post them (the post box is on our street about 50 yards away) and he sneaked Lola out with him on her lead (shhhhh....don't tell anyone as she'd already had her walk early morning!!!)  It was such a lovely day.

Since the paints were out I carried on and played with them some more.  I am getting annoyed with myself because I have a set of water colour tutorials I want to follow on You Tube but I can't seem to summon up the concentration.  Ridiculous isn't it?  All the time in the world to do it, no interruptions and no feeling guilty that I should be doing something else, but I lose interest after 5 minutes.   Must try harder.

Got the news today that Ashleigh will be returning to work at the end of the week. Yay!  Although she had a cough and sore throat, she didn't have a temperature at any point so she thinks she probably didn't have the virus.

Thank you for reading yesterday's very long blip and for your comments stars and hearts.  I've added the date of when the photo of D and me in extras was taken...2nd March 1985 :-)))

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