An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The look of love...

This is Lola getting a head massage from David.  I don't know which of them enjoys it the most!  

Snapped this just as we were about to head out into the side garden to cast our eyes over the tasks needing done. 

Oh dear, for some reason (I can't remember why, probably weather related) the side garden didn't get its end of season tidy up last autumn, so it's all looking a bit sad!  I think we've lost one of the bamboo trees and the clematis isn't looking too hot either.  One of the winter jasmines has completely shrivelled up (the other flowered beautifully and is only just dying down) so will replace that too.  

Other than that it's been a fairly hectic, non stop busy, busy, busy day...actually no.  It's been quiet.  Just like most days at the moment.   But I'm not complaining :-)))

PS Read another couple of months in my 1985 diary and laughed out loud when I came to a bit that talked about David and I driving to Stirling in his Ford Escort 1300L P reggie! (his first car)

I commented that I had enjoyed the journey as we'd listed to the Billy Joel's The Stranger album that was playing on a cassette player on the back seat!  Hahahahahaha...OMG!  Young folk with their smart phones don't know the half!  I feel like a dinosaur's granny!!! 

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