An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Moody morning...

Alarm went off at 7am and once again I woke up having slept right through from when my head hit the pillow.  Two nights in a row and the third time this year.  Wow!  Hope it's becoming a habit!

Fasting bloodiest at 10.15am.  Phlebotomist got the goods on her first attempt, which is impressive given my nickname when getting blood tests is The Stone :-))

Took a little detour on the way home as I had my camera with me.  This shot was taken a few minutes into our journey when my need for a slice of toast and a cuppa over-took my need for a fab landscape blip, so you get this rather dreary shot.

Spent a pleasant few hours this afternoon editing photos that have been awaiting attention in Lightroom for ages.  One job I can tick off from the to-do list.

The Masters has begun so that's this evening's viewing sorted.  Well for one of us :-)

I'm going to attempt a catch up on here :-)))

P.S. Regarding yesterday's delivery of the smashed nail polish, the company sent and apology today and advised they would re-send the items :-)

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