An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Three down one to go!

Lola was the first one to have her lockdown locks trimmed.  David saw Heather at the Barber's yesterday and it was Alan's turn today.

He was absolutely over the moon to see Heather.  I dread her retiring as I'm not sure he will let anyone else cut his hair.  There was some discussion over how short he wanted to go.  He said short and she certainly took him at his word!  lol. It grows like weeds though so he'll be back to see her in no time.

Just me left with a head looking like a burst couch!  Linda is coming to cut it a week on Monday.  I can't wait!  

Tried a new nail polish today.  I don't normally wear nail polish other than clear but have been wearing subtle nude shades recently to try and strengthen my nails.  I decided to buy a nice, slightly brighter pink shade for summer and tried it out today!  O.M.G!  It's day-glo pink!  Far too bright for me!  The colour itself is fine, but it's meant for beautiful sun-kissed  hands with long, slim piano fingers.  I shall pass it on to my niece :-))

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a space I can move my ever growing stash of art supplies to within the house, that also gives me space to work.  The dining table has been ideal during lockdown and the light in the garden room perfect, but as (hopefully) normality returns, the dining table will revert to being a dining table, and there's no way all my materials can stay where they are.

I've been thinking about it for over a week, but ever other room in the house is utilised so I drew a blank (pardon the pun :-)  Then this evening, as I was back crocheting my lollipop and lettuce blanket, a little lightbulb went off in my head....the garage!  

It's large and currently full of junk, and on David's to-do list for a massive clear out.  It also has our old kitchen units from out last house fitted along one side, so plenty of storage.  Blip here of David and Kenny fitting them before we moved in, and on looking at that photo, I am reminded that the space behind the breeze block walls used to have a loo (previous owners removed it and used the space to store their golf clubs) but the plumbing is still there so I am sure it would be easy to re-install a toilet and a sink, which would mean I had running water and not have to go into the house to freshen water pots AND have facilities to make a cuppa!

I am seeing whitewashed walls and the roller door at the back of the garage (where I would be) replaced with glass doors so there would be plenty of light, and a view and access onto the garden....  

Ooooo the possibilities are endless! 

Damn!  I won't sleep tonight now thinking about this!  lol

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