An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Et voilà!


After a fortifying Scottish breakfast, Peter and I turned our attention back to my lap top and he began the task of teaching me my new workflow on the new software.  I don't mind saying II was a bit intimated by it all but thanks to Peter's patience and sense of humour, we got there!  

Once I understood it and realised how much better this system is, I asked Peter why he hadn't persuaded me to change years ago.  He just rolled his eyes he's been trying for at least three years :-)

David got a text from Adrian to say he and Agnes had picked up their new car and if we were free, they would pop up to give it a run.  They arrived just after Peter and I (well Peter :-) had completed all the work on my lap top and it was transformed.  Woo hoo!  Time for a celebration of the new car and the "new" laptop!  

Agnes and Adrian ended up staying for tea and poor Peter ended up getting asked IT questions from Agnes too!   What a way to spend your weekend Peter!  A busman's holiday! :-)

Agnes and Adrian headed home then after a final cuppa Peter headed off too.  I gave him extra beef in red wine and strawberry pavlova to take home.  It was the least I could do :-))

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