An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Art Therapy...

Slept really well after yesterday's shenanigans and woke up feeling fine.

I phoned our Health Centre at 8am and the receptionist arranged a GP call back.  Spoke to Dr D and he said he would see me at 12.15.

Only myself and two other people in the waiting room.  Dr D was lovely.  Gave him all the paper work the Paramedics left with me and went over what had happened.  He checked my BP (still slightly elevated) and listened to my heart.  It sounded normal.  No murmur or unusual whooshing sound.  Reassuring!  

Because I didn't have any other heart failure symptoms, he thinks it was.....insert big long medical name that I've forgotten in here...that means the heart's natural pacemaker gets stuck in a loop before righting itself again, but of course he wants to do further checks.  So I am booked in for a fasting blood test on Thursday and I will be given an "Event" monitor that I have to keep with me at all times and if I experience the same symptoms, I've to stick it on my chest so it can record what's happening.  

In the past he would have set me up with a 24-48 hour ECG machine but they no longer use those as the time frame was short and usually no abnormal heart traces were found. Instead I get to keep this monitor for a couple of weeks and if it happens again, I will be able to "catch the fish" as he so eloquently put it!  :-))

Home for lunch then some art therapy :-))

I had absolutely no plan for this painting other than going with the flow and having fun.  Stressless if you like :-))  I used Brusho (powdered watercolour medium), which I normally find completely uncontrollable because I forget how minuscule an amount is needed (you will see in extras how little power I put on the paper but look how intense the colour is when I sprayed it with water! A little goes a long way!) but today there was no right or wrong, just colour.  

Then back to trying to decide on plants for the garden.  I have too many likes.  Need to narrow it down! 

And suddenly it's bedtime again and I still haven't managed to catch up on here.  Ever hopeful that tomorrow will be the day!

PS I've felt absolutely fine all day and heart rate has been normal :-))

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