Mounts Pond, Blackheath

Another busy day, but Tim really helped me out last night (before my laptop went haywire) by setting me up a spreadsheet to manage all the tasks I'm attempting to juggle.  It was pleasing ticking off jobs, and it kept me focused on the higher priority ones instead of getting distracted by all the random stuff that pops up all the time.

Managed to get out for a walk at 5pm, then did another hour's work when I got back home.  Had a quick chat to a policeman on the way back, as I'd spotted some kids climbing over the railway bridge when I first headed out - and the police (three vans' worth!) had obviously come to check up on reports of people on the tracks.  Not sure I was much help, but I was able to give a bit of a description, and the time that I'd seen them.

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