By Ingleman

The Journey

Had a pretty good day today, Needed to go to the recycling centre, (tick) needed to go to the bank, (tick), needed to get fuel in the car (tick), needed to get some steps in for the day, (tick) and the bonus was a great opportunity to do some urban photography and also, whilst at the recycling centre I 'retrieved' an ornate and beautiful stone urn that someone had thrown in a skip. Shocking but a very pleasing freebie! That'll go nicely in our back garden.
Took some really good dereliction and grafitti pictures whilst scouring some dark and seedy alley ways in Wolverhampton. I liked this one so much, couldn't resist blipping.
What do you call it if you cannot get help during pregnancy?
Midwife Crisis.

A pregnant mother asked when her baby would move, the doctor said hopefully just after he finishes university.

I hope all my blip friends are well, and have a wonderful weekend. 

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