Ben Evolant.

This afternoon my son J landed in San Jose, Costa Rica. 48 hours after leaving Stockholm!  He was stranded for 32 hours in New York after two flights were cancelled due to 'weather'??? He slept on the airport floor and says he has gone beyond jet lag. But at least he is there, safe.

I have been advised by my heart consultant to avoid injuries that bleed due to the 'anti coagulant' medication I take. 

Ha! Sez I. Let's put it to the test.

 Today, as well as spilling boiled water over my hand during bird feeder cleaning operations, I conspired to stab myself (in the same hand) not once but twice, whilst peeling a stupid apple. I am OK you will be glad to hear, only lost an armful...but the plasters don't stop the bleeding. What fun...

While I was hosing down the abbatoir (ever so slight exaggeration) my wife was called to her parents for yet another emergency.

Grandad G who is 93 has fallen yet again. He tripped over the hearth rug and in his attempts to defeat the laws of gravity he grabbed hold of a China figurine on the mantlepiece, which wasn't quite up to the job.

While he's thrashing around in the fireplace (unlit, thank God) Nanny J is fussing around looking for glue to mend the broken ornament, not the slightest bit concerned about the possibility of broken bones, or catheter bag failure.  She is now quite used to soiling of every kind and numerous mattresses, trousers, pyjamas and towels have fallen victim to the most unpleasant of bodily function incidents.

I don't want to grow old.

The cupped hand plaque we bought from the garden centre is now firmly in place on the garden wall. No one died.... 

Hope you all stay safe and enjoy your weekend. Thanks for listening! 

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