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By Jeanneb53

Last pull!

What a morning and what a walk!

It’s been a while since our group did a Saturday morning walk so we jumped at it when it was suggested.
It was the idea of Corinthian Column, from her new book and was organised by Wilsden Walker.
Just 5 of us walked starting in the village of Wilsden with views all the way.

Firstly views over Wilsden and across to our village from Birchlands and then over Hallas Bridge to Cullingworth as we dropped down to Goit Stock and then up to Hewenden viaduct to cross over to Harecroft. Good views over the reservoir if you can see over the parapet!

We climbed up Wilsden Hill with similar views to our outward journey but higher up and then down into Wilsden village before crossing to the other side of the village for the last climb, seen here, up to the trig point on Norr Hill.
A 5.5 mile figure 8. These bits of the walk were completely new to Chris. Behind him here to the left you can just see our village and to the right the town of Bingley in the Aire Valley with the St Ives Estate in between.
At the trig point there is an extensive view of the Aire Valley from the Aire gap to Saltaire and beyond, with Wilsden village and views as far as Ogden behind us. Chris with lockdown hair and the ladies -extra 
It was a perfect morning for clear views and I think we got the  best of the weather even though there were pockets of frost still in corners where the sun hadn’t reached as we returned to the car in Wilsden.

Great walk and good company what more could you want. 
Need a rest before tonight’s Players quiz though I don’t think we could do much worse than last time!

More views here

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