Yin Yang

By laurie54

Madera Canyon: Day 3

Thank you for all of the love shown to my two previous blips. I apologize for not thanking everyone personally for stars and hearts.

I got really lucky with internet the first couple of days I was in the mountains but then kaput.  My camera started to behave oddly, too. It was shooting in fits and starts and at times wasn't as responsive on the shutter button as it should have been. 

The blip today is a different view of a female Lesser goldfinch.  The thing I loved most about this photo is that it shows perfect symmetry.

Other than trying to deal with an uncooperative camera, it was a relatively uneventful day.  Again, the weather was spectacular and the place was crawling with people. I didn't spend much time around them because only the occasional person was wearing a mask.  Rather than let that get me tied in knots, I let it go and returned to the calmness of my casita. One of the few good things that came out of my brief AA/NA stints was learning the Serenity Prayer.

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