Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Madera Canyon: Day 4

I just posted yesterday's  blip from Madera Canyon.

I can't believe this is already my last full day and night here. I continued t have problems with the camera. I had a little more luck when I put it on Aperture priority and spot focus, but still struggled.  It needs to go into the shop.
Both of the photos I'm posting today were taken from quite some distance and were highly cropped because I was using a 300mm lens.  I hadn't gotten photos of either of these birds in quite some time so I was happy to get them despite my failure to nab a terrific  hummer. Both are primarily found in the far southeast corner of Arizona and well into Central America. The blip is a Bridled titmouse, one of my favorite little birds.  They are harder than heck to photograph because they are almost always in a tree and are quick flitters.
The extra is a male Hepatic Tanager.  While the Bridled titmouse can be found here most of the year, the Tanager is a Spring/Summer visitor.

I'll spend most of the evening packing the car of everything I won't need in the morning. Check out is at 11:00 and I want to be able to sleep in and have time to enjoy my coffee and visits to my patio from the hummingbirds.  I was here too early for 'the big migration' but as it continues to get hotter in the valley will make more day trips to catch the uncatchable.

I will try to get something before I leave. Cross your fingers.

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