By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 101: the lambs are here!

Today, to J's delight, the lambs were moved from the enclosure beside K's farm to the field next to our house. We enjoy their arrival every spring, once they are big and strong enough to cope at some distance from the farm. They were fairly quiet when we went out to watch and photograph them this afternoon, but later, when I was gardening, they were livelier and curious to come to the fence and see what I was doing. J always loves watching them bouncing and running. 

It's been sunny but chilly. I spent a quiet hour picking little leaves and shoots off some of the cavallo nero, which is now at the end of its season and starting to run to seed. It's a slow and rather tedious job but I didn't mind today; I listened to Simon and Garfunkel, and enjoyed eating it this evening in P's signature bulgur and cavallo nero dish with the usual tasty tomato and vegetable sauce. I also transferred some tomato plants into large pots and put them in the greenhouse; I hope they will cope with the overnight temperatures, as I have nowhere else to put them. My wonderful nonagenarian neighbour has experimented with overwintered tomatoes, which he sowed in September in his conservatory, and they have been very successful. He has rooted some of the side shoots, and yesterday gave me the half dozen already good sized Cristal plants he had promised. They have plenty of flowers, so should give us much earlier tomatoes than my still tiny seedlings. They may also be a source of further side shoots to root. We can never have too many tomatoes!

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