By pensionspoet

Spring buds

I love seeing everything just beginning its journey into this new Spring. I love especially seeing how quickly the hosta comes up. I have one in the gravel in the french quarter, and have to keep reminding everyone not to step on it! Lily of the valley is coming through. That has moved lots, originally coming from Manda's first house in Hertford. That was a very long time ago. I've taken it with me every move. The hosta in the gravel came from Alan in Linton, and the peony from my friend Polly. It's nice to share plants, it gives my garden a friendly feel. I'm looking forward to seeing the clematis and lilac flower. They were new last year, both from Lidl, and have flowers for the first time. So I would like no more frost was very crisp, cold and white this morning, and these new buds don't like that.

I woke at 6.30ish and still felt tired even after a good night's sleep. I went for a long walk round the block. Its about 2.5k, so a reasonable walk to start my day, feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs on my way. It meant I started work later. Part of my new plan. So started at 8.30 and had a break at 10 for my breakfast.

Henry's car has been fixed by our local handy mechanic. It is really nice knowing a mechanic, because it is one of the few skills Jon doesn't have. I hope he never moves away! So tomorrow Jon won't have to drive Henry in, which means we can come for a walk with me before work.

Finished at gone 5.30 and have made a few acorn fimo mice. They are just baking in the oven now (oven baked clay) and then I will fit them into the frames.

Some tv and kitchen planning now!

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