By carliewired

By the Boat Launch

Activities of
all sorts do center on the
blue ribbon river

~ carliewired

I drove to the boat launch near Hwy 22X just after 10 AM. It is another golden day with many people out enjoying the fresh air in Fish Creek Provincial Park. 

I spied a Canada goose perched on top of a broken cottonwood. He/she seemed to be appreciating the vantage point. I took one photo driving in and the goose was still there for more photos on my way out. 

Robins were sprinting about in the leaf litter and dried grasses. I always take robins as a sure sign of spring. So, spring is now confirmed in my world. 

There were fisherman on the river's edge trying their luck with rod and reel. I see by the signposts in the park that there are several kinds of fish to be had, including rainbow trout, a favourite of mine. 

My friend is three weeks from surgery today. We're off to a doctor's appointment this afternoon to get the low down. 

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