By carliewired

Mallard Point and Beyond

Cottonwood trees and
birdsong with a little bit
of French bulldog too!

~ carliewired

I started my jaunt in Fish Creek Provincial Park at Mallard Point. Like other days, the area is in full use by locals. I encountered many walkers, bikers, joggers, a skateboarder and a unicyclist. On the return to my vehicle I was mobbed by a pack of overly affectionate French bulldogs. (Not that I minded, of course. They are very cute.)

It's warming up and it was another gloriously sunny morning. This was the first time here that I felt I could peel a layer or two. 

I walked north towards Sue Higgins Pedestrian Bridge, named for a feisty Calgary Alderman who served the city for 21 years. As I crossed the bridge I could see mallards in the river and one fisherman in hipwaders.

I crossed back across the bridge and returned the way I had come. I finally caught a Yellow-shafted Flicker in action. (female) They really like the cottonwood trees. One can see many tree holes that I'm sure can be attributed to them. 

The Bow River was blue and moving fast. The river and the park are amazing features in a city of 1.3 million people.

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