An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The cold shoulder...

Over the course of yesterday I developed a pain that started at the base of my neck and continued across my left shoulder.  Can't think what has caused it but it feels like it's been caught in a draught.  Not aware of that happening though.  I was hoping when I woke up this morning It would be gone, but sadly not.  Ibuprofen gel has been my friend.

After lunch David went of to play golf with T and I tried to tidy up my art table.  Even though family won't be in the house on Saturday, I still felt compelled to tidy up my little bomb site.  Once done, I couldn't resist using up some paint that was left over in my small paint tray.   So glad I did as I have found nothing else to blip today, and not sure my sore shoulder would have welcomed me using the big camera.  

After that I crocheted whilst watching some You Tube videos on setting up an art studio.  Lots of great tips noted.  

Also messaged my friend Lin who has just collected her latest golden retriever puppy.  He's 10 weeks old and is utterly gorgeous!  She is coming for garden coffee tomorrow afternoon and I will get to meet him!  I can't wait!

He's used to big dogs as Lin has other retrievers but I wonder what Lola will make of him.  Don't think she's seen a puppy since she was a puppy!  I hope she doesn't mistake him for her Ikea retriever and try to de-stuff him!! She'll be in for a shock if she does!

Is it worth taking bets on what I will be blipping tomorrow?  ;-)))

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