Bottoms Up!

A friend asked for some cat butts - happy to oblige!

I had another nice day off. I dropped mum off at the hairdresser first thing - lucky thing! I still have a fortnight before mine.  Then I met her from there so we could indulge ourselves in a woolshop visit and then enjoy a nice sunny walk home.

Then, I whipped up these butts whilst Leo and I enjoyed some League of their own road trip episodes.  They are just big kids which is why Leo loves to watch it, but they all seem like pretty decent chaps too.

Then we headed into Exeter again as Leo had another goalie training session. The sun wasn’t so fierce for this one so we set up our camping chairs for some al fresco spectating.  I slept like a log again. Somehow spending time outdoors - even if just sitting -  always seems to lead to a better night’s sleep.  Or, that could be due to a carbs coma, induced by a post footie treat of takeout Domino’s!

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