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By Sallymair

Pink Charm

This is another of my three new varieties of daffodil. Mondragon was blipped last and this one is called Pink Charm. I still can't find the third variety, called Sabine Hay, which was the special unusual and expensive one. Clearly, it is hiding, in order to maintain that exclusivity!
A lovely day today but cooler again. I spent the morning and early afternoon in the garden pottering around. I also planted a pot with carrot seed - then watched the YouTube telling me how to do so. I didn't add fertiliser, I didn't add sand and I didn't sieve the compost either. Fingers crossed the carrots are not all forked when and if they grow.
This afternoon I was less busy and relaxed for a while. I've a Cursillo meeting this evening. We are planning for the next weekend course and the future of the movement over the next few years.
I'm expecting a little blue envelope through the door in the next couple of days . It'll be good to have had dose 2.
Keep safe and well everybody.

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