By carliewired

The Meadows

Cottonwood trees with
the river rushing by and
me with camera!

~ carliewired

I was a little later than usual leaving the house this morning. The temperature was only 1 C at 8 so I dawdled. At 11:30 AM the temperature was already 17 C. I think I waited too long! 

I made the quick trip to Fish Creek Provincial Park so nearby. We think this is the last day of beautiful weather for a few days. I didn't want to waste it. I parked near the boat launch and walked the route through the meadows. It is really a cottonwood tree boneyard along the Bow River's flood plain. It is filled with broken cottonwoods and dead wood on the ground. 

The park is filled with people today. The picnic tables were full and the paths were very busy. 

I was delighted to photograph my first butterfly of the year. This is a Milbert's Tortoise and it posed just for me! 

There were a couple of fishermen on the river. One was in hipwaders standing in the river. The other was casting from the bank. 

I could hear a number of Flickers in action through the meadows. One paused long enough for a photo. They love the cottonwoods. Dead ones must produce a lot of insect life. There were even mosquitoes buzzing around me near the river. 

By the time I returned to the house after 1 PM, the temperature was 20C.

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