Glenquey Reservoir

Up to lovely Glendevon today to walk to Glenquey Reservoir. This little gem, one of five in Glendevon, was built in 1909 to supply water to Dunfermline. It's up in the eastern Ochil Hills and in the Perth and Kinross local authority area. I am so glad that we are now permitted to travel. We sat by another of the five (Castlehill, built in 1978) to have our picnic lunch which leaves us three to go for the Reservoirs of Lockdown project.

The reservoir itself wasn't terribly photogenic so I'm blipping one of the stones you see lying around these days, one of the better ones I've noticed. You can see the reservoir sparkling behind so you know I was really there.

What a glorious day. It is so warm with no wind. The sun was shining all the way up to the reservoir which took us through the Woodland Trust Glendevon Woodlands. The bees were frantically busy, the skylarks were singing, butterflies were fluttering and I saw my first swallow (or swift?) of 2021.

Now home. Quick cup of tea then garden time. Things will need to be watered at this rate!

Wishing everyone a good weekend.

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