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By walkingMarj

A beautiful walk

Today I went to do a recce for a festival walk I'm leading next week.

I drove to Coanwood and parked the car  on the South Tyne Trail. I walked to the Lambley viaduct. It is a great piece of engineering. I took the steps down and crossed the river on the small footbridge to join the trail on the east side of the river. It was sunny and the birds were calling and.......

If summer was like this I would be happy. I do not need any more heat.

Back along the river bank, then past Featherstone Castle and the Wallace Arms. The loop to the car was on the South Tyne Trail again.

Then to Maureen and Brian's garden in Haltwhistle. Her new camera is identical to the old one, but is not behaving as expected. I've played with it and I hope it is now working well. Maureen made a good model while I checked the camera.

I was home in time to cook mince and veg for our evening meal, but the fresh air (and a little red wine) has made me very sleepy.

Humshaugh Bear enjoyed sitting amongst the pussy willow but then sneezed all the way home!

He likes to be known as "H" but has no idea of the significance of such a name in the present climate!

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