Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54


I spent a large portion of the day in Madera Canyon.  It was nice to get away for the day.  I spoke to a lot of nice people.  One couple actually attended the same college as me (SUNY Fredonia), graduating two years earlier.  What are the odds?

I didn't stay at the wildlife area.  I was feeling pretty good so I walked down the road (mountain) looking for anything in the trees off to the side into the forest.  I wish I was physically able to climb down to the trails because the hikers were having better luck than I.  I spoke to a bunch of photographers who were hanging out in the same vicinity and that was nice.  I bounced around the mountain for a while and ended up back at the wildlife viewing area just before sunset.  I had given up trying to get a decent photograph and was engaged in conversation with a really cool, old hippie type woman.  We had a fun conversation. She noticed the coatimundi (aka coati).  I got off a few shots before it disappeared behind a tree but missed the tip of the tail on every single shot.  I thought I would do something different and used the cropped legs/feet of the beast because they are so very unique.  The entire coati (sans tip of tail) is the extra. Check out how cool those feet and claws are in LARGE

This was the first Friday I didn't have to stay home to have a therapy session in the middle of the day.  My therapist forgot we were dropping Fridays and texted me as if I was twenty minutes late.  I loved it.  She was waiting for me this time.  Tee hee!

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