Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Hungry Baby (and VBM info)

This was adorable to watch.  A curve-billed thrasher kept coming to the Bird House Café, snatching a bit of peanut then flying away.  It wasn't until I looked on the wall that I realized she was feeding her baby in the shade.  The exchange was very fast.  The blip is a shot after the baby was fed.  The extra is of the baby anxiously waiting for the next peanut.

Some people have mentioned that they would check out the virtual blipmeet on Sunday but didn't quite understand it. 

 I will post my welcome blip it as soon as Sunday opens up for me, probably around 10 pm PT (US) Saturday. The first thing I'm hoping for is that folks drop by my journal.  It will be very open ended, but the idea is to come together in one place, just as in any normal blipmeet.
So here are a few options from which to choose.
   *Tag your own blip on Sunday #VirtualBlipmeet2020
   *You can merely stop in to say hello
   *You can share anything you want in the comment section.  For example, why you joined blipfoto, why you keep blipping or what blipfoto means to you.
   *You write about those things on your own blip adding the tag so folks can find you.
   *By stopping by and seeing other blippers with whom you may not be familiar, you might want to click on their names and drop by their journals, especially  if they have a shade of gray (or yellow) camera. How wonderful it would be to support our newest members!
   *You can share how you're surviving lockdowns, how you're feeling or tips for others on what you've found helps you cope.
As you can see, it's quite open ended, but in these upended times I think it will be great if as many people as possible can meet in one place and share our common bond, that of being a part of the most wonderful community on Earth - Blipfoto.

Hope that helps.


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