By Ridgeback13

On the verge

Thought it was going to be warm sunny day but didn’t quite materialise...started cloudier than I’d expected and then when the sun came out there was a bit of a chilly wind, so I had a few false starts trying to decide what to do with the day.
Decided to do some more domestic stuff and started with a bacon roll breakfast and chat on FaceTime to K about half term plans, train disruptions, physiotherapy and allotments. We haven’t actually had a conversation for ages but just slot in as if we saw each other every day when we do talk.
Packed away my winter coats, did some cleaning and laundry and wondered about doing some catch up work (but didn’t!) then headed out for a walk around the Meadows...the blossom’s just getting going and a pink haze was everywhere. Next weekend will probably be even better although I see we have rain forecast next week so I hope that doesn’t knock off the petals.
Home and did a pile of ironing and made some more raspberry jam to take south next week and chatted to A who’d had a nice meet up with friends she used to work with. The food box arrived that she’d sent me as a freebie from her own order...ingredients for five meals for two (oh dear...will I just end up eating twice as much as I should or have to eat the same thing two nights running?!). Made the sea bass, couscous and vegetable one for supper and it was tasty although felt odd following such step by step instructions and having portion sized packets of ingredients when I’m used to more intuitive cooking based on what I have in the fridge and cupboard!
Managed to finish the jumper tonight, now I just have to sew it up!

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