By dunkyc

Silver How

We left early to dodge the hoards who would in due course, descend upon and ravage the general Lakes area.

Laughing at our similar clothes selection; checked shirt over a t-shirt, we set off for Grasmere. There were some people around, but nothing that would resemble a hoard, so we grasped our rucksacks and set off up at Silver How.

Simmo had suggested it as a nice walk which would only take a couple of hours, so we went up the steep side, which was fairly sweaty work, but we were equal to the task. Finding the summit, we were greeted with the whir of a drone overhead and the sight of lots of people all staring back down into the view you see here.

We stopped for a while to re-hydrate, talk and generally just lay in the sun for a little while. Honestly, I could have happily stayed there all day. It’s quite a view as it takes in the lakes of Grasmere, Rydal, Windermere and Elterwater (there’s also a smaller tarn you can see from there, but I don’t know what it is called).

I was back home shortly after midday for a well-earned egg and bacon sandwich, followed by some chores and a quick visit to my parents who are up this week. We caught up over a brew and I left them to get settled before coming home and enjoying some rare time basking in the sun trapped in the backyard whilst blipping and reading. 

Happy weekend y'all!

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